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Revelation TV's Lesley Condor Rebukes Justin Peters After He Discussed Word-Faith Teachers With Doug Harris - 11th February 2010

Comments made Thursday 11th February 2010 by Lesley Condor (wife of Howard Condor) after the appearance of Bible teacher Justin Peters on the Genesis TV channel.

Peters had been interviewed by Doug Harris of Reachout Trust on Genesis TV's 'Live @ Nine' on Wednesday 10th February 2010.

At 10:43am on Tuesday 16th February 2010 Genesis and Revelation TV released the following statement on their website about the programme:-

On Wednesday 10th February, Genesis TV hosted a ‘Live @ Nine’ programme, where the guest ‘named the names’ of international Christian leaders who, in his view, were not walking in biblical truth.

The comments made in the programme have caused concern and confusion for a number of viewers, who have contacted the channel for clarity on the issue, particularly because some of the named ministries, and individuals, have programmes on Genesis TV or Revelation TV.

The leadership of Genesis and Revelation TV wish to respond in the following way:

1. The guest on the programme was not given permission by the leadership to name individuals and ministries during the programme and we regret that he did so. If he had asked the leadership for permission prior to the programme it would have been refused. Therefore, this programme was not repeated and was pulled from our schedules.

2. The Bible is the basis of all that Genesis and Revelation TV does. The TV stations have a written and detailed Statement of Faith, which is modelled on that of the Evangelical Alliance in the UK. However the leadership acknowledge that on many issues the Scriptures are open to different interpretations.

3. The leadership of Genesis and Revelation TV believes in a ‘broad’ church. What do we mean by that? We mean that we welcome on to the TV stations, as guests, individuals who represent many different strands of Christendom, which can cause at times guests to express views contrary to other guests.

4. We believe that the forum for expressing conflicting views is in a debate environment, where guests of opposing views on a given subject, can present their views, argue their points, and then leave viewers to weigh what has been said and make their own minds up.

5. We regret that the views expressed in the ‘Live @ Nine’ programme on the 10th February were not said in a debate setting, where the named individuals, or others of a similar persuasion to the named individuals, could have had an opportunity to respond to what was said.

We believe in the words of the Psalmist who wrote ‘Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity ….. for there the Lord commands the blessings.’ Our desire at Genesis and Revelation TV is for the TV stations to be a platform to encourage unity, and not conflict within the body of Christ, so that together we can move out to proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to a broken and hurting world.

The leadership

Genesis and Revelation TV

Also see: Justin Peters on Revelation TV's 'World in Focus' in 2008 with Yemi Balogun and Pastor Timothy Ramsay.

During the 2008 programme, callers and Justin Peters made critical remarks about false teachers by name including Benny Hinn, Gloria Copeland, Peter Popoff and Don Stewart.

Genesis TV screened a repeat of this programme on WIF Classics at 10am on Thursday 18th February 2010!

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